Farina Rosa

Made in Italy per donne che vestono glam


Nel guardaroba della donna contemporanea abituata a concedersi il meglio le parole d’ordine sono due: eleganza e massima vestibilità. Un concetto che Farina Rosa ha fatto suo interpretando con stile inconfondibile le esigenze dell’intero universo femminile. Sono splendide le sue due collezioni annuali di moda pronta, che vedono fondersi in armonia colori, abbinamenti, pregiati tessuti e innovativo design in un insieme di proposte che spaziano dal look più informale all’outfit più ricercato.
Le sue esclusive creazioni, pensate per vestire con inedita raffinatezza ogni stagione dell’anno ed ogni ora del giorno, sono frutto di un percorso che pone in primo piano i criteri di bellezza e comfort, in grado di fare tendenza valorizzando forme e personalità di chi le indossa. Un brand, Farina Rosa, amato anche dalle celebrità del jet set internazionale, brillante espressione di una cultura del fashion made in Italy che ha saputo conquistare le donne di tutto il mondo.


Farina Rosa

Via Carlo Tenca, 15 - 20124


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War between USA and Russia will break out only if Americans cross Russia’s red lines

Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada Valery Garbuzov compared the qualities of the commanders-in-chief of Russia and the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, as well as the military of the two countries, will never let a military confrontation spark. "Getting back to the question of risks of a military confrontation, I am 100% certain that the military will not allow it, and, of course, neither President Putin nor, I'm sure, President Trump will allow it. They are the leaders elected by their peoples, and they are responsible to their people for peace and tranquility," Lavrov said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, Valery Garbuzov, suggested in an interview with Pravda.Ru that Lavrov's optimism is based on one argument: "The United States and Russia are nuclear powers. "We saw from the Cold War experience that the confrontation was tough, but it had not developed into direct confrontation," the expert told Pravda.Ru.

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 16:46:00 +0300

Russia deprives Pacific Fleet of legendary submarines

Russia will withdraw two legendary underwater cruisers of Kalmar Project from the structure of the Pacific Fleet. It goes about Georgy Pobedonosets and Podolsk submarines that will be replaced with nuclear-powered submarines of the Borei class armed with Bulava missiles. Two of the three Kalmar Projects subs are to be decommissioned before 2020.

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 14:58:00 +0300

Russia to introduce criminal responsibility for those implementing anti-Russian sanctions

Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, spoke in favor of a legislative act to impose responsibility, including criminal liability, on those who implement anti-Russian decisions made by foreign countries in their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, the press service of the lower house of the parliament said, RIA Novosti reports. "On April 20, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, at a meeting with representatives of business and expert circles, during the discussion of the bill about responsive measures to US sanctions against Russia, spoke in favor of imposing a ban on the implementation of US sanctions in the Russian Federation. He explained that it would be correct to introduce measures of responsibility in relation to those who execute anti-Russian decisions of foreign states in their activities on the territory of Russia. Mr. Volodin did not rule out measures of criminal responsibility either. In Russia, we must live according to Russian laws," the press service of the State Duma said in a statement. Pravda.Ru  

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 13:17:00 +0300

SWIFT refuses to cut Russia off, even if Washington insists

The SWIFT system, which ensures the transfer of financial messages between all banks of the world, will not disconnect Russia despite Western sanctions. In the political conflict between Russia and the West, SWIFT takes a neutral position, SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said. The SWIFT system will thus stay neutral in the conflict between Russia and the West and will not disconnect the country from the system of financial payments because of the sanctions, CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said at the SWIFT business forum in Moscow, RBC reports. "The question of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT financial reporting system is not worth it, and our position remains unchanged: we are a neutral party that provides for the interconnection of users and whose purpose is to service the global financial industry," Mr. Leibbrandt said. SWIFT declared its neutrality back in 2014, when the question of disconnecting Russia from the system was raised for the first time following the coup in Ukraine and Russia's reunification with the Crimea. "Our mission is to be a global and neutral service provider," the company said in a statement back then. The European Parliament and the EU Council discussed such a possibility against the backdrop of sanctions in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, but the SWIFT management considered Russia's possible disconnection highly challenging to the reputation of the company and stressed that it would not make such decisions under the influence of political pressure. Nevertheless, the West still believes that disconnecting Russia from the interbank messaging system is possible. In August 2017, the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) and Tempbank were disconnected from SWIFT, after the owner of the relevant software refused to cooperate with them because of US sanctions. RNCB, which works in the Crimea, said that the move would not affect its work as the bank operated only inside Russia. In January, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich acknowledged that disconnection from SWIFT could create great problems for the Russian banking system. If it happens, he said, Russian banks would have to switch to an outdated technology, but Western companies would face serious problems too. In early April 2018, the United States adopted a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, which has become the most stringent one since 2014. Shortly thereafter, Washington announced its readiness to prepare new sanctions in the near future to punish Russia for supporting the Syrian authorities. It was said that Moscow was getting ready for a series of tough measures, including disconnection from SWIFT. The financial reporting system itself is based in Belgium and does not comply with US law. However, chances for Washington to succeed in cutting Russia off remain high.To counter such a threat, Russia has been developing its own analog to SWIFT that would be used inside the country. The system is called the Financial Communications System of the Bank of Russia (known for the Russian initials as SPFS). On April 13, Rosteс (State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology) announced that it was switching to SPFS. SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. The system was established in 1973. Today, SWIFT unites more than 10,000 banking and financial organisations in 210 countries and processes about 1.8 billion messages a year.Pravda.Ru

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 15:57:00 +0300

Russia to launch new minesweeper made of fibreglass

Russia is launching new Ivan Antonov minesweeper of Project 12700 on April 25 in St. Petersburg.Project 12700 designates the construction of large vessels, the hulls of which are made entirely of fiberglass. Sea mines very often react to metal objects. Therefore, minesweepers had to be made either of wood, which was not very practical, or steel. Steel hulls had to be demagnetised to make vessels invisible to mine detonators, Vesti.ru reports. Fiberglass lacks such drawbacks. Russian engineers also developed a unique vacuum infusion technology which makes it possible to use composite materials in ship-building. At the same time, minesweepers need to be able to detect mines. The new Ivan Antonov vessel comes  equipped with state-of-the-art hydroacoustic systems. The systems have been installed both on the vessel itself and on underwater robotic vehicles that the ship also carries on board. The Ivan Antonov is armed with a light-weight six-barreled 30-millimeter gun to destroy mines floating on the water surface. Pravda.Ru

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 14:54:00 +0300

Russian Prosecutor General speaks about mystery of Berezovsky's death

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that late Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky could not obtain polonium to poison Alexander Litvinenko, although Berezovsky was working together with British special services. According to Chaika, Berezovsky forfeited for his life when he decided to return to Russia. Yuri Chaika said during his report to the Council of Federation that Litvinenko died in November 2006 shortly after receiving British citizenship. A significant amount of radioactive polonium-210 was found Litvinenko's body after his death."Although Berezovsky played a key role in this provocation, it was not him who wrote the script. For all his criminal talents, Berezovsky simply could not get the polonium, it was not his level," Chaika said."Special services could not let the carrier of secrets about the act of nuclear terrorism that was committed against Litvinenko, go outside the UK, as it would have come to the knowledge in Russia," Chaika said. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:59:00 +0300

Putin presents his condolences to George H. Bush

Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian president sent a message of condolences to former US President George H. Bush in connection with the death of his wife Barbara Bush."The president sent a telegram with condolences to George H. Bush in connection with the passing of his wife," Peskov said.US President Donald Trump also expressed his condolences to Mr. Bush. Trump pointed out Barbara Bush's contribution to the struggle against illiteracy throughout the world and her devotion to the concept of American family. Barbara Bush died in her home in Texas at the age of 92. Pravda.Ru 

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:14:00 +0300

Russia wants to be prepared for most severe sanctions that Washington is working on

The Russian administration believes that the United States will soon announce most severe sanctions against Russia. Russia will be prepared for such a turn of events, RBC reports. The Kremlin believes that the US may impose sanctions on Russia's public debt and disconnect the country from SWIFT payment system. It is also believed that Washington may impose strict sanctions on Russia's two largest banks - Sberbank and VTB. According to two federal officials, whose names were not exposed, the Russian authorities started developing countermeasures to respond to the most negative scenario long before the USA published the infamous Kremlin report in January. Previously, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that the United States would impose new sanctions against Russia on Monday, April 16. It was assumed that Washington would take restrictive measures against the companies linked to Syrian President Bashar Assad. However, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said later that the decision about the new sanctions against Russia had not been made yet. The Russian authorities supposedly consider two options for possible US sanctions against Russia's sovereign debt. According to the first one of them, the USA will prohibit investing in Russia's federal loan bonds for American investors only. For a more stringent option, the ban on the purchase of the Russian national debt will be extraterritorial in nature extending to foreign (including Russian) legal entities. Currently, foreign investors hold more than a third of the Russian national debt.As protection measures, Russia considers a possibility of creating a special bank for the purchase of the Russian national debt, as well as taking certain steps that will "close" the names of those who buy the Russian national debt. Russia should be prepared for the introduction of US restrictions on investment in the Russian national debt, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum.Russia already has a special bank to service the state defence order, whereas Russian banks classify some of their public information in an attempt to protect themselves against sanctions. Another measure - "attracting people's money" through the sale of federal loan bonds to citizens - was discussed in January, the source said.In addition, the Russian administration believes that Washington may disconnect the country from SWIFT payment system. This question has been discussed for several years already, after Russia reunited with the Crimea. Russia's disconnection from SWIFT may cause the Russian banking system to collapse. Russia may not be able to make external payments, especially for gas supplies. However, Moscow believes it can be possible to make external payments through agents, so-called bridge companies (intermediary companies).The Kremlin is also highly concerned about the possible blockage of Russia's largest banks, such as Sberbank and VTB. The two banks already operate under sectoral sanctions. However, a ban on correspondent accounts in the US or inclusion on the SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) list is a much more stringent measure that will make international operations virtually impossible.Pravda.Ru

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 13:58:00 +0300

Russia accuses British special services of staging Douma chemical attack

Reports on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma  (in Eastern Ghouta) are a provocation arranged by intelligence services of the UK and probably the US to justify the aggression of these countries against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russian Ambassador to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexander Shulgin said, RBC reports."We have not just a "high degree of confidence", as our Western partners claim in a carbon-copy fashion, but we have incontrovertible evidence that there was no incident on April 7 in Douma. We have evidence to prove that all this was a planned provocation by British intelligence services, possibly with the participation of their senior allies from Washington," the official said during the session of the OPCW executive board.The diplomat stressed that Russia had already conducted its investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Douma and did not find either a single sign of the chemical attack or witnesses. There were no poisoned patients at the hospital, nor were there any traces of chemical munitions found. Shulgin also referred to two individuals, who appeared in the videos, which was allegedly filmed after the attack in Douma. Western policy-makers claimed that those videos were irrefutable evidence of the chemical attack. "They showed live interviews with those people on television, they showed the footage with their participation in the staged video, both participants have medical education, they are ER doctors working in the city of Douma," Shulgin said. The Russian Federation Permanent Representative to the OPCW reiterated the official version of the Russian authorities, according to which the chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta was extremely disadvantageous to the Assad regime, because the region had been practically liberated from militants, and there was an agreement reached with extremists about their departure from Douma. "If the outcome of the military confrontation in Douma was predetermined, why should the Syrians suddenly use chemical weapons to invoke the wrath of the world community? Only a madman can think of this, but they still promote this heavily at the highest political level and repeat these words cleverly in capitals of a number of countries," Shulgin said. On April 13, official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, accused the UK of organising a provocation with a "chemical attack" in Douma. "We know for certain that from 3 to 6 of April London put powerful pressure on representatives of the so-called White Helmets for the speedy implementation of the provocation that had been prepared in advance," explained Konashenkov.Both London and Washington shrugged those remarks off and simply called them blatant lies. Pravda.Ru

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 22:05:00 +0300

Crimea launches new international airport

A new international airport started working in the city of Simferopol, the Crimea, on April 16. According to media reports, a Moscow-Simferopol flight of Nordwind airline landed at the airport of Simferopol at around 08:20 Moscow time.The new airport in the Crimea was designed by South Korean company Samoo Architects & Engineers, which is known as one of the leading architectural companies in the world. To create a wave-like silhouette of the new air terminal, specialists assembled more than 5.7 thousand tons of metal constructions.The airport was built in 22 months. The investment agreement for the construction of the new complex of Simferopol Airport was signed two years ago, in April 2016, as part of the II Yalta International Economic Forum.As much as 30 percent of the funds were attracted at the expense of investors, whereas the remaining 70% of the funds were attracted as a loan from Crimean banks. Since 2015, the airport serves more than 5 million passengers a year.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 13:32:00 +0300

Russian FM Lavrov: US missiles conceal traces of Washington's crimes in Syria

The United States, France and the United Kingdom struck the missile blow on Syria a few days before OPCW experts were going to visit Douma to investigate reports about the chemical attack,  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the annual assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy. The minister noted that Damascus did not create any obstacles for experts coming to investigate the incident in Douma."Of course, it is clear to everyone that this happened the day before OPCW inspectors, who already arrived in Beirut, were to move to the site of the incident to find either the presence or absence of evidence of the use of chemical weapons," Lavrov said. Sergei Lavrov also said that the experts already confirmed their readiness to go to the city of Douma despite the missile attack. Lavrov recalled that a similar situation occurred a year ago, before the USA struck Shayrat airbase in Syria. The Foreign Minister noted that Western countries did not provide convincing evidence of what had happened then either. "As you have heard, the US president, the prime minister of Great Britain, the French president said that they had irrefutable facts proving that it was Assad who used chemical substances in Douma. We heard similar statements a year ago, when doubtful videos were demonstrated as irrefutable facts. Then it was miraculously revealed that the OPCW received samples from France and the UK and that there was sarin in them," the minister said.The idea for chemical experts from France to visit the site of the alleged attack in Douma was expressed during a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Emmunuel Macron. "We agreed that there would be contacts through defence departments for the purpose, but none of our French colleagues contacted either the Russian Defence Ministry or the Foreign Affairs Ministry," Lavrov said. Pravda.Ru Also read: USA and allies strike Syria again. Russia does not defend Syria again

Sat, 14 Apr 2018 19:02:00 +0300

Russian Defense Ministry says Russia has evidence proving Douma chemical attack was fake

The West continues accusing the Syrian leadership of the use of chemical weapons in the city of  Douma. However, the Russian side has evidence proving that the chemical attack that allegedly took place on April 7 was a staged provocation, official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said at a press briefing. "The USA and several Western countries continue their unfounded accusations claiming that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against the peaceful population of Eastern Ghouta. Almost a week has passed, but neither the United States nor several European countries have provided any evidence proving the alleged use of poisonous substances by Syrian troops in the city of Douma on April 7," Konashenkov said.According to him, the Russian Ministry of Defense has evidence proving that there was a planned provocation carried out in Douma, the purpose of which was to mislead the international community."Its true goal is clear to everyone - to push the US to striking missile blows on Syria," Konashenkov stressed.Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia had irrefutable evidence proving that the incident involving the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma was a false-flag operation conducted by foreign special services.Pravda.Ru

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 18:37:00 +0300

Details of Russia's response to USA's sanctions exposed

As a response to US sanctions, Russian MPs suggested Russian employers should not hire US citizens and citizens of the countries, who supported the imposition of sanctions against Russia. The draft law about Russia's response to US sanctions was published on the website of the lower house of the parliament. The prohibition to hire US employees, the authors of the document wrote, may affect even "highly qualified specialists."According to Russian MPs, such a move is to "protect the rights and freedoms of Russians, as well as interests and security of the Russian Federation" after the introduction of new sanctions against Russian companies, businessmen and heads of state-run corporations.In another initiative, Russian MP suggest restricting the activities of American auditors, as well as legal and consulting companies "to ensure state and municipal needs, as well as the needs of certain types of legal entities."The above-mentioned and other restrictions will affect companies that remain under the jurisdiction of the United States, as well as the companies, in which more than 25% belong to American legal entities. In addition, the measures will be taken against the companies from the countries that joined the actions of the US authorities and imposed economic sanctions on certain sectors of the Russian economy, Russian companies and individuals.The above-mentioned draft law provides for measures relating to services and goods from the United States of America:prohibition or restriction of imports of agricultural products, raw materials and food;-   prohibition or restriction of imports of alcohol and tobacco products;-   prohibition or restriction of imports of medicines, except for those whose analogues are not produced in Russia;-   prohibition or restriction of exports of products and equipment from rare earth metals;-   prohibition of state and municipal purchases of technological equipment and software;-   exhaustion of the exclusive right to trademarks in respect of goods owned by US citizens;-   prohibition to attract highly qualified specialists;setting higher fees on air navigation services for aircraft engaged in the transportation of goods and using Russian airspace. Furthermore, Russia intends to terminate cooperation with the USA in the following industries: - atomic industry;- aircraft building;- rocket industry;- consulting, auditing and legal services.The above-menrtioned organisations will also be prohibited from participating in sales of federal property and privatisation.The text of the bill also says that the Russian government will have the right to expand the list of services and goods that fall under restrictions. To crown it all, the Russian authorities will be able to make the list of US citizens who will be banned from entering Russia.Pravda.Ru

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 14:48:00 +0300

Russia punches USA in the stomach

Russia will be able to make products without the permission of rights holders in the United States and US-supporting countries. This regulation is present in the draft law, which provides for retaliatory measures to anti-Russian sanctions. Measures of influence include "exhaustion of the exclusive right to trademarks in respect of the products included on the list determined by the Government of the Russian Federation, the rights owners of which are citizens of the United States and other foreign states or organisations under the jurisdiction of the United States and other foreign states, as well as organisations, the capital of which directly or indirectly, inter alia through third parties (dominant participation of more than 25% in the capital), involves organisations under the jurisdiction of the United States and other foreign countries."According to First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee, Mikhail Emelyanov, it means that Russia "will be able to produce these products ourselves once we have the technology, without the permission of the rights holder.""That is, we punch the Americans in the stomach, because all the successes and, and above all, the domination of the Anglo-Saxon and Western world is ensured precisely by the right of intellectual property, and we are striking a blow to this right," Interfax quotes Emelyanov as saying. Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported that the draft law providing for retaliatory measures in response to US sanctions was submitted to the State Duma. Also read: Details of Russia's response to US sanctions exposedPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 14:15:00 +0300

Russia prepares major response to US sanctions

A draft law providing for retaliatory measures in response to US sanctions has been submitted to the State Duma (the Parliament) of the Russian Federation. "The draft law has been elaborated as a response to challenges from the United States of America, their officials, expressed in unfriendly and unconstructive actions to impose sanctions on both the Russian Federation and its citizens and legal entities," Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said. An extraordinary meeting of the Council of the State Duma, which will consider the draft federal law "On measures of influence (counteraction) to unfriendly actions of the United States and (or) other foreign states," its to take place on April 16."We plan to discuss the draft law at the State Duma Council with the participation of representatives of all factions, to send it to our colleagues in Russian regions, to work with experts and the Russian government once again, and then we will consider it at the next Duma meeting," Volodin said.The draft law on Russia's measures in response to US sanctions contains a ban on the imports of American agricultural products, as well as alcohol and tobacco products, First Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov said. "This bill is about banning or restricting the import of agricultural products, raw materials and food, the country of origin of which is the United States," First Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov told RIA Novosti.According to him, this applies to the countries that support sanctions against Russia."It's about alcohol and tobacco products ... It's about medicines, it's about banning participation in the procedure of privatisation of state and municipal property, it's about prohibiting or restricting the admission of technological equipment and software," Melnikov said.The deputy added that Russia's retaliatory measures also provide for the suspension of cooperation with the United States in the nuclear, aircraft-making and rocket-propulsion sectors."We are talking about the moves to either terminate or suspend international cooperation of Russia and Russian legal entities with the United States and organisations that remain under the jurisdiction of the United States, in the nuclear industry, in aircraft building, in rocket and propulsion industry," Melnikov said.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 13:51:00 +0300

Russia to test superheavy rocket in 10 years, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to "Cosmos" pavilion at VDNH (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) on April 12 and said that Russia was going to test the new superheavy rocket in ten years."A superheavy rocket, the first test is scheduled to take place in ten years," he said. He also spoke about the need to build a special launching site for trials at Vostochny Cosmodrome."We plan to start working in this direction in the near future. We are already working on a heavy rocket, now we'll need to work on a superheavy one," Putin added. Earlier, Roskosmos officials did not exclude cooperation with China for the creation of a superheavy rocket. During his visit to "Cosmos" pavilion at VDNH, Putin talked to famous Russian cosmonauts. The president was asked whether Russia was planning to send cosmonauts to the Moon. "Yes. The program is before 2030. The program to build the "Federation" spaceship is coming to an end. At first, there's the lunar orbit, a flight around the Moon, then there's a station on the lunar orbit, and then - modules on the Moon itself," Putin said describing several stages of the lunar exploration project that the Russian space industry develops. On April 12, Russia marks the Space Exploration Day, or the Cosmonautics Day. Putin congratulated cosmonauts on their professional holiday.Pravda.Ru

Thu, 12 Apr 2018 16:36:00 +0300

Putin: The world is plunging into chaos

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the current state of affairs in the world is becoming "more and more chaotic." Speaking at the ceremony with ambassadors of 17 countries, Putin said that he was very concerned about the current situation in the world. "Indeed, the state of affairs in the world can not but cause concerns. The situation in the world is becoming more chaotic. Nevertheless, we still hope that common sense will eventually prevail and international relations will enter the constructive course, and the entire world system will become more stable and predictable," Putin said. The President added that diplomats play a special role in the world today. According to Putin, the heads of diplomatic offices have a responsible mission - to promote the development of relations with Russia.Putin noted that Russia is ready to support all constructive initiatives. "You can count on support from the Russian leadership, government bodies, business circles and the general public of our country," Putin assured.On April 11, ambassadors of Austria, Benin, Vietnam, the Gambia, Ghana, Egypt, Jordan, Italy, the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Nigeria, the UAE, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro and South Korea presented their credentials to the Russian president.During the recent weeks, Russia has experienced a new stage of the diplomatic crisis. Against the backdrop of London's accusations in connection with the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, the UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats. The USA and other countries of the West followed the example of Great Britain, whereas Russia took mirror measures in response. Pravda.Ru

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 19:04:00 +0300

Russia responds to Trump's bellicose tweets: Unwise use of 'smart' missiles

US President Donald Trump wrote another tweet, in which he confirmed the intention to strike a missile blow on Syria with the help of "nice, new and smart" missiles. "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and "smart!" You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" Trump tweeted. In another tweet, posted only 50 minutes later, Donald Trump unexpectedly changed his rhetoric and offered to improve the relationship."Our relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War. There is no reason for this. Russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race?"Moscow believes that the US should attack terrorists, rather than the legitimate government of Syria that also struggles against terrorism, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said.Zakharova also suggested that the US may strike a missile blow on Syria to remove traces of the provocation in Douma, where a chemical attack is believed to have taken place. "By the way, have they notified OPCW inspectors that "smart" missiles would destroy all the evidence of chemical weapons on the ground, or do they want "smart" missiles to remove traces of provocation so that international inspectors have no evidence to find?" she also said.In the meantime, the Russian ruble continues its decline against major world currencies. On Wednesday morning, April 11, the dollar exceeded the mark of 64 rubles for the first time since December 5, 2016. The euro rate exceeded the level of 80 rubles.Trump's remarks about the attack on Syria contributed to the further decline of the Russian ruble and the Russian stock market. About Donald Trump's tweets about the USA's intention to strike a missile blow on Syria, the ruble was traded on the level of 65 rubles per one dollar and 80.5 rubles per one euro. Pravda.Ru

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 17:01:00 +0300

Russia and the West fly towards another Caribbean crisis

"We're playing a game of chess, but we have card-sharpers at table with us," political scientist Konstantin Blokhin described the political games of US President Donald Trump and British PM Theresa May in an interview with Pravda.Ru. The political scientist believes that it is possible to improve relations with the West only if the conflict escalates further, until the sides sit down at a table of negotiations to prevent an outbreak of a nuclear war.On Tuesday, April 10, British Prime Minister Theresa May told US President Donald Trump in a telephone conversation that one should not rush to strike Syria before obtaining tangible evidence of the "use of chemical weapons" in the Syrian city of Douma.Expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Konstantin Blokhin, told Pravda.Ru that this is "a very tricky political game that both Theresa May and Donald Trump have demonstrated repeatedly. According to Blokhin, Trump has recently announced his determination to leave Syria, but now the US seems to be determined to bomb the country again. "Within one week they can make totally contradictory statements, so I would not make much out of Theresa May's recent remarks," Blokhin told Pravda.Ru. In his opinion, Russia and the USA are rushing towards another Caribbean crisis. "But I would not be particularly nervous here, because the rhetoric was the same when three carrier groups were deployed near North Korea, but Trump did not dare to attack the country," the expert added. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 14:47:00 +0300

Russia hopes reason prevails over insanity in Syria

Russian experts believe that there is no threat of a military clash between Moscow and Washington in Syria.Special representative of the Russian president for the Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that "after all, reason should triumph over insanity."Russia considers the possible US attack on Syria unacceptable and expects that Washington will take into account Russia's warnings about grave consequences that will follow such an attack, Bogdanov said.According to him, there is a hope that "American partners are closely following the statements that come from Moscow." Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that after watching videos of dead women and children in Syria's Douma, he was ready for a "quick decision." Trump said that the USA would show a powerful response, but did not clarify when. Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 13:54:00 +0300