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Putin wins election in landslide victory with rivals gaining just 15% and lower

Acting Russian President Vladimir Putin is winning the presidential election in the country in a landslide victory. The election of the Russian President ended at 9:00 p.m. The top there includes Vladimir Putin, Pavel Grudinin of the Communist Party and Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Liberal and Democratic Party. The results of other candidates are extremely low. Ksenia Sobchak comes fourth with 1.8 percent.With 25 percent of ballots processed, Putin has gained 72.53 percent of the vote, Grudinin - 15.44%, Zhirinovsky - 6.84%.Chairwoman of the Central Electoral Commission Ella Pamfilova said that the preliminary outcome of the election will be known by 2-3 a.m. The turnout at the elections as of 6:00 p.m. made up 60 percent. Thus, Vladimir Putin will most likely rule Russia for another six years. Pravda.Ru

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 22:03:00 +0300

Russia expels 23 British diplomats, closes Consulate General and shuts down British Council

Russia's Foreign Ministry announced retaliatory measures against British diplomats: 23 Britons are to be expelled from the Russian Federation. In addition, Russia closes the Consulate General of Britain in St. Petersburg and shuts down the British Council.In the morning of March 17, British Ambassador Laurie Bristow was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow, where he was informed of the measures. Britain suspects Russia of organising a chemical attack in Salisbury, as a result of which former double agent of the Russian Central Intelligence Directorate (GRU) Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned. At the same time, the British authorities refuse to cooperate with Russia to investigate the accident, nor do they want to explain why the accident happened not too far from a secret chemical laboratory. Twenty-three British diplomats will have to leave Russian within a week. In addition, Russia is closing the British Consulate General in St. Petersburg. The timing for the move will be determined "in accordance with international norms," and employees will be given time to complete their work. To crown it all, Russia's retaliatory measures have affected the British Council - the agency responsible for the organisation of educational and cultural programs. The British Council in Russia will be closed "due to an uncertain legal status."Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on March 16 that Moscow would expel British diplomats. "At first, we, like polite people, will convey our answer to our British colleagues, who rush to grab a microphone to announce that Russia is to blame for everything," Lavrov said earlier.Pravda.Ru

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 12:52:00 +0300

Russia's new weapons capable of making whole continents lifeless

US experts said that Russia's new underwater drone Status-6 can turn whole continents into lifeless territories.Stephen Schwartz, an expert in consequences of the use of nuclear weapons, said in an interview with Business Insider that the detonation of nuclear weapons near or on the surface of the earth leads to radioactive precipitation. According to him, the city, over which a nuclear explosion occurs, will be destroyed almost completely, but the level of radioactive contamination will be minimal.Status-6 underwater nuclear drone can produce a nuclear explosion in the water column and pollute everything around with radioactive cobalt-60. Thus, if a Status-6 explodes somewhere not far from Washington, radioactive precipitation is likely to fall in Canada and Mexico.All of the affected territories will be unsuitable for life. The article also says that US nuclear weapons are developed for pinpoint attacks on enemy's strategically important facilities with minimal collateral damage.Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Thomas Kallender, a retired US Navy officer, said that given the maximum speed of the Status-6 of more than 29 meters per second and the immersion depth of more than a kilometer, the Russian underwater drone becomes a difficult target for destruction. USA's Mark-48 torpedoes that develop the speed of 55 kilometers and can immerse for the depth of 800 meters, are not designed to destroy Status-6.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:25:00 +0300

Will Russia 'go away and shut up' as London suggests?

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, responded to the recent remarks from the British Secretary of Defense, who offered Russia to "go away and shut up." Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of Defence, urged Russia to "go away and shut up" when asked how the Kremlin should respond to London'd decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats. "What we will do is we will look at how Russia responds to what we have done. It is absolutely atrocious and outrageous what Russia did in Salisbury. We have responded to that. "Frankly, Russia should go away and should shut up," the official said. "What else can the defense minister say if his country conceals circumstances of the use of chemical agents on its territory? London does not want to expose the available information, despite the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. London has something to hide. The partners are worrying," Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page. Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 18:29:00 +0300

Putin: Nord Ost terrorists planned to execute hostages on Red Square in 2002

In another episode of the new "Putin" documentary, the Russian president speaks about the previously unknown plans of terrorists who seized the Moscow Music Theater in 2002. According to Putin, the terrorists wanted to shoot their hostages on Red Square. The terrorists, who took hundreds of people hostage during the performance of Nord Ost musical at Moscow Music Theater in 2002, intended to go to Red Square by bus and start executing the hostages in front of the Kremlin walls. Putin said that the terrorists did not intend to release all the hostages, but wanted to shoot a part of them on Red Square. "The plan was to take a bus with hostages, go to Red Square and shoot them directly on Red Square, throw bodies on the street to intimidate the administration and special services. Of course, we could not let that happen," he said.Putin admitted that the gas that special services sprayed when storming the building did not work. However, it was impossible to delay the operation because the terrorists wanted to make the hostage crisis unfold in the heart of the capital. "The transportation of the hostages and their execution should have taken place the next morning. It was impossible to wait," Putin said.Putin admitted he personally made the decision to storm the building of the music theater. "Unfortunately, we lost a lot of people there. They were killed neither because of the shooting, nor because of the gas. Frankly, they died because of the inability to work under such circumstances. There were enough doses of the antidote, and one had to make injections, but they made two or three injections to some and no injections to others. We conducted an investigation, of course, very thoroughly. In those circumstances, it was difficult to punish someone, the people were risking their lives," Putin said. On October 23, 2002, a group of militants, led by Movsar Barayev, seized the music theater in Moscow's Dubrovka, where Nord-Ost musical was showing. Forty terrorists took more than 900 people hostage - spectators and actors. Three days later, the theater was stormed. The hostage crisis claimed the lives of about 130 people. Relatives of the victims and some of the survivors say that the reason for the large death toll was the sleeping gas. Pravda.Ru

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 15:21:00 +0300

Moscow to expel British diplomats as London flatly refuses to cooperate

Moscow will expel British diplomats in response to the recent decision of the British government to expel 23 Russian diplomats from the UK, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. Answering the question about the timing, Lavrov said: "Soon."Earlier on March 15, official representative of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, said that Moscow was hoping to start an "active dialogue" with London, but received l meaningless formal replies to all inquiries. Moscow is working on responsive measures, they are under development, and they will be announced in the near future, she added. On March 14, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that because of the chemical attack committed against former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, 23 Russian diplomats would have to leave the territory of the United Kingdom. In her speech, May blamed Russia for a purposeful chemical attack on the territory of a sovereign state, which severely affected several British citizens. It is worthy of note that the first policeman, who arrived at the site of the accident, Nick Bailey, still remains in a critical condition.Pravda.Ru

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 13:48:00 +0300

Russia and USA start new arms race in space to down satellites

Russia and the United States are entering the arms race of a new type - the technological arms race. The new race will focus on a warfare in outer space, and the 1967 treaty is not an obstacle for it, military expert Sergei Sudakov believes. It took the US two weeks to give an answer to Putin's demonstration of Russia's state-of-the-art weapons, such as, for example, the Avangard platform, which strikes targets on the ground from outer space bypassing air defence systems. On March 13, Donald Trump, speaking before soldiers in California, announced the beginning of the creation of space forces within US Armed Forces.Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, political scientist, Americanist and candidate of political sciences Sergei Sudakov told Pravda.Ru that these days, the one who takes the lead in space, takes the lead on the ground. Space weapons that make all means of conventional air defences pointless, is a breakthrough, which, as the political scientist believes, forms the trend of the development of modern weapons for 10-15 years to come. This time, however, Russia is the leader, and the US only has to catch up. "It will be a new arms race, not a quantitative one, but a technology-oriented race, and the main question is, how much every country will have to pay for innovations. Russia's innovations in the aerospace sector cost a lot less than those of the United States," said Sergey Sudakov in an interview with Pravda.Ru.The expert believes that the treaty from 1967, signed by the USSR, the USA and Great Britain prohibiting the deployment of any weapons of mass destruction in outer space refers to nuclear weapons that will be staying there in a standby mode until a strike is required." "One will have to develop special mechanisms to protect satellites and data transfer channels, because it is impossible to control troops when there is no connection with satellites, and the army is simply blind and deaf," Sergei Sudakov told Pravda.Ru. The above-mentioned treaty from 1967, which unites more than 100 countries, binds its members not to deploy weapons of mass destruction in space. Yet, the treaty does not regulate the deployment of conventional weapons in space. The parties to the treaty also agreed not to test weapons, conduct military exercises, build military bases on celestial bodies, such as planets, planetoids, asteroids.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:06:00 +0300

If USA strikes Syrian government troops, Russia will strike back

The US military may use the provocation of terrorists in Syria's Eastern Ghouta province as an excuse to strike government quarters in Damascus.According to the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, Russia had reliable information about the efforts that terrorists have been taking recently to stage the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government troops against civilians."For this purpose, a crowd of women, children and elderly people has been collected in several areas of Eastern Ghouta to imitate victims of a chemical attack," Gerasimov said. White Helmets activists and film crews with satellite video broadcast equipment are already in place, the official added. "This is confirmed by the discovery of a laboratory for the production of chemical weapons in the village of Aftriss that has been liberated from terrorists," Gerasimov stressed.According to the Russian general, after the provocation, the United States will accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons and present "evidence" of the mass death of civilians through the fault of the Syrian government and the Russian leadership that supports it.The Russian Defense Ministry is ready to take counter measures in the event of a US attack on Damascus, if there is a threat to the Russian military, Gerasimov added. The United States does not exclude striking Syria, if the UN is unable to cease hostilities in Eastern Ghouta. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 15:12:00 +0300

Russian FM Lavrov teaches UK a lesson

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia would not respond to London's ultimatum in connection with the "Skripal case" until British services give Russia access to the substance that had been used to poison the former Russian spy and his daughter Yulia."Before delivering ultimatums - to provide a report to the British government within 24 hours - they should rather comply with their own obligations under the international law, in this case the convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons," Lavrov explained.Speaking at a press conference in Moscow, Lavrov said that Russia was not to blame for what had happened to Skripal. Russia is ready to cooperate in accordance with the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, "if the United Kingdom bothers to fulfil its own international legal obligations under this document ".Lavrov also added that Russia officially demanded London give her access to all materials on the case of Sergei Skripal, but the British side refused.According to Lavrov, given that one of the victims - Yulia Skripal - is a Russian citizen, Russia's requirement is legitimate.British Prime Minister Theresa May said in her speech earlier that the attack on the former spy was either an act of the Russian state against Britain, or the Russian government had lost control over the nerve agent.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 14:55:00 +0300

Americans do not fear Putin's new weapons, and Russians wonder why

The Pentagon has not expressed much concern about the new Russian nuclear weapons, because the Americans are not ready yet to draw conclusions and negotiate. They would rather defeat the Russian in Hollywood films. On Sunday, March 11, the Russian Defence Ministry showed a video of the test of the Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile system. However, US officials are not very concerned about Russia's new weapons, CNN said.Pentagon chief James Mattis said that he did not see any changes in Russia's military potential. According to him, the announcements that Putin made during his Address to the Federal Assembly did not come as news to him because it those arms systems were not news at all. "They do no impact any need on our side for a change in our deterrent posture, which would be certainly an indication I registered this assessment with something that was changing," Mattis said wondering how much time and money the Russians would be willing to invest in the arms race with themselves. James Mattis also assumed that it would be up to the Russian people to carry the burden of all those developments. President of the St. Petersburg Club of Conflictologists, Colonel Boris Podoprigora, told Pravda.Ru, that "the American technical intelligence was aware of Russia's new developments." "The absence of refutations suggests that they are largely in possession of the situation that was outlined by Vladimir Putin in his speech and then in the interview with an American journalist," the military expert said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.Yet, Washington, in his opinion, is not ready for negotiations, "because the US administration and the State Department are outside the power field, and it is the US Congress that actually performs all functions of the US foreign policy department now." In this situation, it is very difficult to formulate a unified approach, because the Congress is "just talking, not decision-making.""What is the point of talking to Tillerson, for example, who warns us every time that his judgments are of a largely limited, preliminary and notifying nature?" Boris Podoprigora said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. "It's hard for me to say to which extent the US military-industrial complex is ready to counter challenges that come from Moscow, but I realise that only two countries in the world - Russia and the United States - are able to act, as they say, on collision courses," the political scientist summed up the conversation with Pravda.Ru.In turn, military political scientist Alexander Perendzhiev said that as long as Russia has turned the cards over, it means that developments of even more powerful weapons are underway too. "We will not expose these cards now, and when they (the weapon - Ed.) are ready, it will be too late. In short, we act on the basis of Suvorov's principle: convince is to win," the expert concluded in the interview with Pravda.Ru. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 20:11:00 +0300

Russia starts recycling world's largest ICBMs

The Russian Defence Ministry has decided to start recycling Voevoda ICBMs to replace them with Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles, Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov said. The Voevoda ICBM was developed back in the mid-1980s, the official said. "Time goes by, technology moves forward, and the system becomes obsolete," Borisov added. The Voevoda complex with "heavy" missile RS-20B was put on combat duty in the late 1980s. At present, the missile remains the most powerful of all Russian ICBMs. It is still effective for the deployment of the echeloned missile defence system.Editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky, said that one of the reasons for the recycling of Voevoda missiles is the policy of the Ukrainian administration."Since there was neither production nor spare parts in Russia, it did not make any sense to restore it: one would need to invest a lot in restoring the production of components that are no longer up-to-date," Murakhovsky said.The Sarmat missile can be equipped with up to 15 warheads, whereas its range makes up to 11,000 kilometres.The RS-28 Sarmat (ICBM) comes as a conceptual continuation of the Voyevoda R36M2. NATO's reporting name for the world's heaviest ICBMs is Satan. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 19:16:00 +0300

Putin speaks about hijacked plane, reasons for Kursk submarine disaster and Russian heroes

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he learned about the hijacking of an aircraft only a minute before the start of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The hijackers, Putin said, wanted the plane be redirected to Sochi. Later it turned out, however, that it was just a stupid joke of a drunk passenger. Putin shared the story in a documentary by Andrei Kondrashov, which was published in social networks.According to Putin, "somewhere in the middle of the way, an aide-de-camp gave me the phone with  one of the heads of the operational headquarters for ensuring the safety of the Olympic Games on the line. He reported that a plane had been hijacked. The plane was bound to Istanbul from Ukraine, but the hijackers wanted it to land it in Sochi.""The same chief of the security staff called again some time later and said that it was a drunken joke, that the aircraft was flying to Turkey and would be landing there soon," Putin added. Also in the documentary, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the tragedy with the Kursk nuclear submarine. According to him, the sinking of the Russian submarine occurred because of the unsatisfactory state of affairs in the Russian army at that time."After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we had enormous difficulties in the economy, in the social sphere, and in the army too. Of course, all that could not pass the army by," the president said in an interview for the documentary simply titled "Putin." The tragedy of the Kursk submarine came as a manifestation of the general state of affairs in the Armed Forces.Putin said that he had hardly sworn in as president after elections by the time when the Kursk sank and did not even know that there were large-scale military exercises taking place in the Barents Sea."The Minister of Defence called me and said that we lost the submarine, but the sub was found, and they were going to work on that question. It was not clear that something tragic was happening there, but then, of course, all that unfolded in full," Putin recalls. Given the state of the Russian army back in those years, "there was nothing surprising about the tragedy." At the same time, he said that it was a colossal tragedy.The cause of the tragedy had been established: an explosion occurred in the torpedo compartment, a fire broke out, ammunition detonated, and the hull of the submarine practically popped. "And, of course, this can not be forgotten," the Russian leader said.He also said that after the tragedy, he decided to talk to submariners' relatives in order to support them and assure them that the submarine would be retrieved from the bottom of the sea. Putin also said that he had been warned against attempts to raise the boat from the seafloor, but he insisted, because he had given a promise.The Russian nuclear-powered submarine missile cruiser Kursk sank in the Barents Sea on August 12, 2000, during naval exercises. All 118 crew members were killed.In a part of the documentary about Syria, Putin spoke about the heroic feat of corporal Denis Portnyagin, who, in an unequal battle with terrorists in Syria, was ready to explode himself not to be captured."Not only did he repulse an attack of terrorists. There were only four or five of them (Russian military men - ed.) - a group of special operations forces that were engaged in finding targets for our aircraft. There was an unexpected attack of militants, the regular army pulled back, some units of the Syrian army did too, but the Russian group stayed and they took the battle," Putin said. According to Putin, in that battle with terrorists on August 16, 2017, the commander and the second officer were wounded, and corporal Portnyagin took all the combat work on himself and repelled several attacks. He requested help and prepared himself for self-destruction not to be taken captive."Moreover, he drew the fire upon himself and gave precise instructions. Our artillerymen managed to cut off the terrorists with the help of mortar fire, then our aircraft struck, and after that another group of special operations forces approached them, and all were taken out to safety," the president said.He noted that there are many of such people in the Russian army - the ones who are ready to fight in an unequal battle. "They are heroes, of course. If they are not heroes, then who? I know that there are many such people in our armed forces," Putin said.Corporal Denis Portnyagin was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation in late 2017.Pravda.Ru

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:15:00 +0300

To become Europe's strongest economy by 2050, Russia needs to exit Washington Consensus

Russia has every opportunity to make a breakthrough in increasing labor productivity. To achieve this goal, Russia needs  to pull out from the Washington Consensus, in particular from the American patent law, economist Vasily Koltashov believes.By 2060, Russia will lag behind the United States of America even more - experts at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said. Without reforms, per capita GDP in Russia will grow by only 0.7 percent in the next 12 years, economists predict. Labor productivity in Russia has not grown in recent years, and in 2018-2030 it will accelerate only to 0.5 percent. Experts advise Russia should increase labor productivity through the public administration reform, as well as by increasing the duration of school education and reducing trade tariffs.Vasily Koltashov, the head of the Centre for Economic Studies at the Institute of Globalisation and Social Movements, told Pravda.Ru that OECD economists say the following: the USA will be just fine, and Russia will be just bad. "This is a strange affirmation, because the Russian economy has been developing in recent years in conjunction with processes in the global economy.""In China, the economy is growing, an economic growth is possible in India, but in most countries there is stagnation. In the European Union, there is depressive stagnation. If we look at the United States, their GDP growth is actually equal to the growth of the USA's public debt and costs for its servicing. Strangely enough, no one says that the Americans have their salaries too high and their labor productivity too low in proportion to their wages, which makes their products completely uncompetitive," Vasily Koltashov told Pravda.Ru.According to the economist, Russia can ensure the economic growth if the country ensures the development of its own production capacities. This is what the import substitution policy is aimed at - to expand the export range. "Russia needs to import only what Russia needs. We should not import poultry from the USA as we did during Yeltsin's times. We should import, for example, equipment that we cannot make ourselves," the expert said. OECD experts give harmful recommendations, Vasily Koltashov said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. The era of free trade is over, and one needs to fight on the world market. Therefore, "trade duties must be kept high and it is necessary to fight smugglers mercilessly.""It is highly important Russia should no longer obey the rules of the Washington Consensus. Instead, Russia should start dismantling those rules. We should refuse to obey the American patent law. Having started the war of sanctions, the Americans violated all rules of free unlimited trade, because politics has no right to interfere with commerce. We must have complete freedom to use technology, and then we will quickly overcome the backlog in productivity," the expert told  Pravda.Ru.Western experts always speak about the reduction of the role of state in economy. "Yet, they talk about our state, but not theirs. Their state can interfere in our economy as much as it wishes. Yet, even if we try to follow their pieces of advice, the Russian economy will collapse, just like the economy of any other country, because the time for such recipes has passed," Vasily Koltashov told Pravda.Ru. It is worthy of note that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published a report in 2017 titled "The World in 2050". PwC experts predicted that the Russian economy would become the strongest in Europe by this time. Reference: The Washington consensus is a type of macroeconomic policy that the IMF and the WB  recommended at the end of the 20th century for application in the countries that experience financial and economic crises. Recommendations to such countries reflected the common position of the US administration, and major international financial organisations, such as the IMF and the World Bank, as well as leading American think tanks.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Wed, 07 Mar 2018 19:54:00 +0300

Russia responds ironically to another wave of anti-Russian frenzy in the UK

The Russian Embassy in the UK posted an ironic message on Twitter commenting on most recent publications in the British media regarding the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, a former Russian GRU colonel (Central Intelligence Directorate)."Presumption of innocence 2.0: no idea what happened, no idea why it happened, but Russians are to blame," the message posted on the official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy to the UK said. British officials stated that the UK would take tough measures against Russia should it be proved that Russian special services were involved in the alleged poisoning of the former GRU officer. Sergei Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter were found unconscious on a bench near the shopping centre in Salisbury, UK, on March 6. The two lost their consciousness due to "exposure to an unknown substance" and were hospitalised.The substance to which the victims could have been exposed has not been established yet.Subsequently, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow did not have information as to what reasons could cause the incident with Skripal. She added that the West did not miss the chance to use the incident to fuel anti-Russian hysteria yet again. Pravda.Ru 

Wed, 07 Mar 2018 16:07:00 +0300

Putin confirms Russia can use nuclear weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview for Vladimir Solovyov's film "World Order 2018" said that Moscow could use nuclear weapons only as a retaliatory strike."As for this particular topic, it is, of course, very important, extremely sensitive. I want to tell you, so that everyone here in the world knows, that our plans - I hope, it will never be - technical plans to apply nuclear weapons are about the so-called retaliatory, counter-impact strike," Putin said, RIA Novosti reports. The Russian president said that the decision on the use of such weapons would be made only if the missile attack warning systems detected the launch of missiles and gave an accurate forecast for the flight trajectory and the time when warheads would fall on the territory of Russia."This is called a reciprocal, counter strike, when we have a legitimate right to respond," Putin said.Earlier, the president promised an instant response should anyone use nuclear weapons against Russia and allies.On March 1, Vladimir Putin presented second-to-none weapons during his speech before the Federal Assembly.Pravda.Ru

Wed, 07 Mar 2018 14:20:00 +0300

Putin: USA deceived Russia 'grossly and brazenly' about Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview for Vladimir Solovyov's documentary "World Order 2018" that the United States "grossly and brazenly" deceived Russia before the coup in Ukraine."American partners asked us to do everything possible - and I am saying it nearly word for word here - to stop Yanukovych from using the army, to make the opposition leave squares and administrative buildings and proceed to the implementation of the agreements to normalise the situation," Putin said, RIA Novosti reports. Russia agreed, Putin said, but the coup occurred in Ukraine the following day. The US authorities did not say a word about the fact that the events in Ukraine were developing in a different way. Moreover, the Americans supported the coup, Putin said. Vladimir Putin stressed that it was Washington that made the coup happen, and the USA had to support the Kiev authorities. "So grossly and brazenly, perhaps, it was a first (time. - ed.). They told us: "Let's do it this way," but in fact they did everything their own way and did not even bother to say anything about that. I think we've never had this before," Putin concluded.Speaking about the annexation of the Crimea, Putin said that someone deliberately brought Russia to that line."I sometimes think, and I think that there are certain grounds for this, that someone deliberately took us to the line, on which we had to act the way we acted. Of course, there were few of those, who expected us to  act so quickly, so resolutely, if not brazenly," Putin said.Crimea became a Russian region after the referendum that was held there in March 2014, at which the majority of Crimean residents voted for reunification with Russia.Pravda.Ru

Wed, 07 Mar 2018 13:33:00 +0300

Putin thanks FSB for keeping latest arms systems secret

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) for securing the secrecy of developing new types of weapons."The work on the modern weaponry has taken many years. Thousands of people, hundreds of design and research teams, industrial enterprises of Russia participated in it. I want to note that we managed to provide an effective and efficient counter-intelligence cover for these large-scale projects," Putin said, speaking at the FSB board.The "responsible and difficult work" had to be conducted in difficult conditions. It was only in 2017 when the Russian authorities suppressed activities of 72 officers  and 397 agents of foreign special services."I ask you to continue acting the best way possible in this highly important direction not to let foreign intelligence services gain access to information of political, economic, technological and military nature," Putin told the FSB leadership.Speaking on March 1 with an Address to the Federal Assembly, Putin announced the completion of the development of a number of new types of weapons, the capabilities of which make enemy defense systems "useless and simply meaningless."Pravda.Ru

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 16:11:00 +0300

Russian Army to receive several Sarmat missiles already in the near future

In the near future, the Russian army will receive several pre-serial intercontinental ballistic missiles Sarmat, the head of the Committee of the Council of Federation on Defense and Security, Viktor Bondarev said. At the same time, he noted that it would be premature to talk about the serial production of Sarmat missiles in the next year or two. "Their supplies to the Strategic Missile Force are scheduled for 2018-2017 within the framework of the state armament program," Bondarev added.

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 17:57:00 +0300

Putin puts in place not only USA, but also China

Putin's Address to the Federal Assembly on March 1 came as a bombshell for the world. The speech that the Russian president delivered at Manezh Exhibition Hall just outside the Kremlin made everyone believe that Putin was presenting Russia's new fantastic weapons to the United States. However, some assumed that Putin was not talking about the United States of America as Russia's prime opponent. Retired general of the Italian army, co-author of the book "Geoeconomics: Tools, Strategy and Tactics," Carlo Jean, said that "Putin announced to the world that he reached nuclear parity with the United States again." According to the general, Russia has been compelled to run the colossal modernization of its nuclear arsenal since the time of Obama's presidency. The Russians started doing it in response to Obama's initiative to modernize the enormous American arsenal contrary to the Nobel Peace Prize that was given to him for his promise to dismantle it, the Italian general told website. According to him, the US plan is worth about 1.2 trillion dollars and spans 30 years. Forty billion of the amount was invested in the project this year. The significance of Putin's speech is that he has reaffirmed the strength of his country, which he had raised from ruins."We saw the Russian military power reviving in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in the Crimea," the expert said. Putin's call for an international dialogue concerns the Middle East, where Putin remains in a situation which he can not resolve."

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 17:46:00 +0300

Viktor Yanukovych raves of his misfortune at press conference in Moscow

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych raved of misfortunes at a press conference in Moscow. He said that he lived at the expense of the family, whereas his money could not be found in any bank of the world. "At whose expense do I live? I have a family, I have a son, a young and healthy man. As they say: I do not count your money, and you do not count mine. I can not say that I'm happy. It's very hard for me, it's painful," Yanukovych said. The former president of Ukraine said that no one could be jealous of his life. "Can you believe that?" Yanukovych said.

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 15:16:00 +0300